The Surgery


On April 28,2016 we checked into the hospital here in San Salvador where Caleb would have his surgery to remove the tumor from his left hand ALONG with four teeth. I have to be honest the whole process went smoothly.  I mean coordinating two different doctors to show up at the same day at the same time seemed  almost impossible until it wasn’t.


We had so many people praying with and for us all that on that day we felt at ease.  Caleb did awesome.  He had butterflies but he was more worried about the IV going in them the actual surgery.


The doctors said once he was in the operating room he quickly asked what everything was and wanted to know how everything worked.  Once they explained it all to him he went to sleep.  Then when he woke the doctors said he started back up with all the questions.  He didn’t skip a beat.  He loves to talk just like his mom and wants to know how things work.  He even made a few friends with some other patients that day.  Once he came out to the recovery room he wanted to know if they had saved his teeth but he was expecting a big pay day for those four teeth! Of course he was!


Yep those are his four teeth.  You are welcome! He was so proud to have them.


Once we finally got checked out of the hospital he said he was super hungry and as the best parents in the whole wide world that we are we all heard the doctor saw he could eat soft food.  So Caleb said please take me to get soft tacos!  Of course we did!  It didn’t help that his dad kept telling him how after he got his wisdom teeth pulled he headed to Mexico and ate all kind of tacos.  Oh man! After he gummed the tacos down we headed home thankful that all was well.


A few weeks ago we got the report back that the tumor was NOT cancerous.  He got his stitches out last week and will be returning to playing soccer and basketball next week! Thank you for praying for our family through it all.  We certainly felt God with us in every step.

Con Mucho Amor, Cristina

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