California Dreaming


We are dreaming of California and we can’t believe we will be traveling there next month!

Back in October our family talked and prayed and made a decision to commit to doing two more years of ministry in El Salvador. Our kids made this brave decision with one request. They asked to spend the entire summer in California visiting friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. They wanted to worship with friends and be in a familiar place once again. We agreed and we began to plan for 12 weeks. Then the time got whittled back to 10, than 8. The truth is that as much as we want to be there, we also love our lives here.

The trip will be fun for our family, but is also very necessary for the continuation of our work in El Salvador. In order to work in El Salvador for 2 more years, we need to focus some of our efforts this summer on connecting with donors and raising funds for our second term in El Salvador. We also look forward to sharing with many of you what God has been doing in and through us!


Leaving for 8 weeks is overwhelming. We sold or donated everything that we owned before we came to El Salvador. The brief visits we have taken up to this point have been difficult transitions, and we expect that this summer will be more of the same. Rebekah mentioned that she was looking forward to homemade waffles and I gently reminded her that we no longer had a waffle iron. She was surprised and then it started to set in that we won’t be walking back into the same life we left when we moved to El Salvador. The word home feels a bit mixed up.

We have some amazing friends and family working to set up a space for our family to have some breathing room to rest and reflect. Some friends are renting a small apartment for us on the Vanguard campus and we are looking forward to spending 6 out of our 8 weeks in Costa Mesa. Our friends will be lending us bikes, furniture, and even a car. Our family and friends will also set us up with groceries, bedding, and some basic kitchen items so that we can create a home away from home for our family.

In the midst of all of our mixed feelings about taking a step back from our work in El Salvador, we remember that we are going to Cali for the relationships that we have there. We hold on to that, and we look forward to loving all of you who love us so well from afar. As we watch our friends and family rally to make our stay incredible, we are reminded of how great our community back in California really is and we just can’t wait to be a part of that for the summer!


Some of our friends are asking how they can help our time to be restful and refreshing, and the most practical answer that we can give is to ask that you consider picking up gift cards for us. Our budget will be stretched thin this summer, since we need to cover all of our costs back in El Salvador, while still paying for our expenses in California. We will have meetings to attend, places to go, school shopping to do, and lots of other little odds and ends. The places that will be most useful to us include:

Old Navy
Arco Gas
Chevron Gas
Trader Joes
VISA gift cards

If you feel led to give in this way, you can mail the cards to:
Newport Mesa Church
Att: Sharon Noble – Robeck
2599 Newport Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627


We want to say thank you to all of our wonderful friends and supporters who are investing in us this summer so that we are ready to continue investing in El Salvador for two more years. We are so excited to see you!

Con Mucho Amor, Cristina
Editor Danielle Snyder



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