It’s been a little over two weeks that we landed back in El Salvador, home.  I have to say we are all enjoying sleeping in our own beds!  Our furlough time in California was amazing.  There are just not enough words to describe how incredibly grateful we are for our time with family and friends.  We were asked many times how we were doing while in California and we kept saying “really well!”  To our surprise we were told that many missionaries come back to the states and say that they aren’t able to rest or enjoy their time away from the mission field.   Often times their furlough time is spent going from church to church and living from many different places that the family doesn’t really have time to reflect or spend some much needed time together.  From the moment we were picked up from the airport to the moment we were dropped off to head home we felt cared for.  God’s people, our community of friends and family in California cared for us well.  We enjoyed great food with great friends and shared many lunches and dinners talking with donor friends about what we are doing here in El Salvador.

Community has been a word that has been part of our family’s hearts for years.  The people we do life with every day.  Those same people along with our amazing families took such great care of all four of us and spoiled us, as the kids would say.  Our furlough time was restful, thoughtful, fruitful and a huge blessing to our family.  It’s truly amazing to see God’s people in action as they care for one another.  So, we would like to say thank you to all the individuals and families along with Bethany Church of Alhambra, Newport Mesa Church and NMC Kidtropolis that took such great care of us.  We thank you for loving our family beyond measure and blessing our kids with the most epic summer they have ever had.  We feel blessed to know that Rebekah and Caleb had tender moments of God’s faithfulness in their lives as they saw God provide for them.  They came back to El Salvador seeing God move in their lives.  They came back feeling loved and encouraged.  They entered life back in El Salvador ready for what lies ahead. We all did.

As we left our community in California we were embraced by a rich community here in El Salvador.  We all hit the ground with a great sense of belonging.  We were back where we belonged.   It’s been weeks of embraces and storytelling.  It’s been days of smiles and rejoicing with friends.  It has also been early mornings for school.  We seamlessly moved right back into life as if we had never left.  We feel rejuvenated to do ministry and love the community around us.

Thank you for allowing us to take a break from our time in El Salvador.  Our summer experience is going down in our memory books as the summer of God’s faithfulness and tender care for our family.

A little update on the kids.  Thank you for praying for them as they transitioned back to El Salvador.  It has gone by well.  They are enjoying their school days, church and friends.  Rebekah feels like a junior higher with a new found responsibility.  She is taking it all in with pride.  We are so proud of her. Caleb is not the best at waking up at 6:20am everyday but he is enjoying being with his classmates.  He asked us this year if he could have a Spanish tutor to help him with his communication and we are so excited for him as this is a step forward for him in speaking Spanish!

Thank you for journey with us in El Salvador.

Con Mucho Amor, Cristina

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