A Change in Weather

img_1129Our rainy season here in El Salvador is coming to a sad end.  October will be the last of the rain for about 6 months.  November will bring one of my favorite time of year here.  It brings cool breezes!  Many of you have asked about our time pastoring Union Church here in El Salvador.  As John Mark works with Southeastern to prepare our new group of students to come in January and early part of February we are excited about what we are currently doing in El Salvador and how God is using each of us.

img_0305These last few months have been full with teaching at Union Church.  John Mark has been preaching on Sunday mornings and he just finished up a series on faith.  It is always such a joy to her him teach.  He has such a heart for God’s word and for encouraging his people.  For the last 7 weeks I have been teaching a bible study on the book of 1 Peter.  Taking it verse by verse.  There are about 20 ladies from our church that attend the study.

Caleb and Rebekah are doing well in school.  Rebekah is loving being in high school.  Their school is so small, about 330 students from kinder – 12th grade, they divide the school into elementary and high school.  It’s a big deal to be a high schooler these days!  Rebekah decided to join the school’s basketball team this year and she is loving it.  I mean she keeps telling me that she can get the bouncy ball into the circle thingy up in the air.  Yes she actually can make a basket although she is not into the lingo!  She is also in regular Spanish classes now which is proving to be challenging for her but she is doing great.  This next quarter she will also be part of the public speaking team.  She continues to help lead worship at our church and works in the nursery one Sunday each month.  She loves those toddlers!!!!

Caleb is getting so tall these days.  I wish he would stop growing for a bit so I can catch my breath! He is also enjoying the 5th grade.  This will be his second year playing basketball for the school.  A few weeks ago he finally asked me to teach him a few moves.  He really wasn’t wanting me to tell him how to play basketball he just wanted me to listen to him tell me how his coach is teaching him how to play basketball.  It wasn’t until I grabbed the ball from him, dribbled it between my legs and around my back and made a jump shot did he say, “OK mom what is it that I need to learn!”  So in a few hours he learned how to be the power forward! It’s funny how just learning a few technical things can boost one’s confidence.  He is really enjoying playing with his team. They lost their first game but won the second game! Caleb is doing so well in his regular Spanish class.  He has a tutor who meets with him twice a week he really is working hard at it.  We are so proud of him.

img_1171We are so thankful to be part of such a full community here in El Salvador.  We love where God has us and we are so thankful that you are part of our journey.  John Mark and I are always aware that our ministry here goes beyond our students.  Although we can not wait for them to get here we are enjoying being able to serve in many areas.   We are planning for our MBA students to come in January and a new group of undergrads from Southeastern in Early February.  Continue to pray with us as we seek God in our everyday life.

You can click here to listen to John Mark’s sermons on Faith.

Con Mucho Amor, Cristina



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