Social Entrepreneurship


We hit the ground running this year when John Mark greeted a new group of students at the airport on January 2.  This cohort came from Southeaster University in Lakeland, Florida and consisted of twelve students in two different programs.


Some are in a Global Masters of Business Administration Program while others represent a new Masters in International Development that began this year.  All of them were here for a week-long course on Social Entrepreneurship, in which we explored how social entrepreneurs are developing innovative, cost-effective and sustainable initiatives to solve social problems.


We use ENLACE as an example of how these principles and practices are fleshed out in the context of a faith-based none governmental organization (NGO).


While the group was in El Salvador John Mark spent most days with them in class, and on field visits.  While the course was taught by Ron Bueno (founder and executive director of ENLACE), John Mark facilitated their field experience, translated when necessary, and worked to insure their understanding of the course material and the socio-historical context of what they were learning.


It’s the one on one time that he enjoys the most, as he strives to help each student understand that wherever they end up working, they ought to understand their occupation as more than a job, it is really a vocation.


A place where God has placed them to be His light and salt in whatever they do.  As the year progresses, John Mark will be working to establish relationships with various colleges and universities through the country in the hopes of growing the semester long study abroad.


Of course it would not be a trip to El Salvador without playing soccer!  Thank you for journeying with us in El Salvador!

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