Returning to El Salvador

IMG_9767It has almost been one year since our family moved back to California from El Salvador, Aug. first will mark that anniversary.  There has not been a single day that has gone by where someone hasn’t talked about going back.  On Sunday July 15th our family will travel back together with our good friends, the Paulson’s, to work with the community of El Zonte.  Last year at this time The Paulson’s helped to bring hope to the community of El Zonte, through the ministry of Missionary Fellowship.  Last year the community outreach had 20 kids and this year there will be 100 kids.


As many of you know El Salvador has been in the news.  Last week NPR released a great article articulating what types of options the people of El Salvador have.


It reminded me why we do what we do.  We believe that Christ saves.  He does and he is alive and working in the communities of El Salvador where missionaries and his people are at work.  As we travel to El Salvador we are going to help put on a surf camp for the local kids in El Zonte.  We will work alongside our friend and local leader Jorge.


I can remember so clearly last year’s camp.  As Jorge pushed kids into waves it was as if he was pushing them closer to Christ.  Jorge is walking with the kids in his community to change their reality.  A reality that is enter the gang or become a follower of Jesus.  The kids of El Salvador are at great risk by the gangs.  Being part of the bible studies and community outreaches provides a place for the kids of this community to be safe from the gangs.  Jorge surfs with them, skateboards with them and cares for them as he teaches them of who Christ is.  He daily walks with them as they face real challenges of being fatherless, having family members part of the gang, or being forced into the gang.  We are privileged to be able to go down and encourage Jorge and his kids and work with them for the Kingdom of God.

IMG_0905Please pray with us as we go to minister in El Salvador.

  • Safety for both families, the Paulsons and the Robecks (we all know the Robeck family has its fair share of accidents! #typicalrobecks)
  • Health, that we would stay healthy while in El Salvador
  • That the surf camp will be guarded and provide a safe place for the kids to hear the gospel
  • For our hearts as we return back to California and leave the Salvador we love


Con Mucho Amor, Cristina




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