Robeck Family


Cristina Robeck and her family are former missionaries to El Salvador.  In the spring of 2014 they accepted a full time missionary position with ENLACE, as the in-country program directors of their study abroad program. This program provided an opportunity for college and university students from the United States, to spend an entire semester abroad learning about community development, church leadership, the history of Latin America, and so much more.   Prior to becoming a missionary, Cristina ran her own marketing and graphic design company for over 10 years.  Her love for fundraising, marketing, and missionary care led her to accept the position of Director of Development for El Salvador Missionary Fellowship.  She is excited to come alongside Mike and Britney Peterson to help grow the ministry to better serve missionaries in Central, and South America.

God has been so faithful in our return to California.  As you know, John Mark is working at Vanguard University and is enjoying being with students again.  The kids are settling into life back in the U.S., and now I am excited to share what God has in store for me!

When we decided to come back to California I knew that I wanted to stay in ministry while still somehow being connected to El Salvador. It seemed like an impossible dream and so we prayed for God to guide my steps, and we prayed for Him to provide a place for me to use my gifts in encouragement, business, fundraising, and building community.

God has responded to those prayers in an amazing way!  I have been invited to come alongside a non-profit ministry that focuses on missionary care and missionary professional development in El Salvador.  The ministry is called, El Salvador Missionary Fellowship (ESMF).  It’s a ministry that we fell in love with as it cared for our family while we were in El Salvador.  During our time in El Salvador, we saw and experienced firsthand some of the difficulties that come with living abroad as missionaries.  This ministry provided us with a community of people that loved us, and who walked with us to ensure that we were staying healthy so that we could serve well. It made our ministry more effective and helped our marriage and family to navigate the challenges of life on the mission field. I feel that because of our experience, I am in the perfect role to assist with this ministry and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

While our role as missionaries does not look the same as it did before, this new position with ESMF provides me with the opportunity to continue to serve the people of El Salvador. ESMF is an organization that walks alongside those who are on the front-lines, and enables them to serve the people of El Salvador to their fullest potential.


Journeying in El Salvador together,
The Robeck Family

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