El Salvador Missionary Fellowship is the on-ground support team for English speaking missionaries that are serving in El Salvador.

Our calling is to help missionaries remain spiritually, mentally, physically
and relationally healthy, and focused on their part of the great commission to which they have been called. 

  • We seek to stem the worrying trend of missionary burn-out, high turn-over and early-departure from the mission field.
  • We provide missionary care on the ground and in country where it can be most effective and most efficient.
  • We seek to help healthy missionaries stay that way, provide extra support to those who are struggling, help new missionaries hit the ground running, and help those who should no longer be on the field return home in a healthy way.
  • We believe that supporting missionaries on the ground is the best way to make sure they are successful, and that all that is given by both the senders and the goers is multiplied 100 fold.

Our vision is for those who have been called by God to serve in El Salvador
not leave before their mission has been completed

Areas of focus

General Missionary Care
Support through counseling options, life coaching, marriage enrichment, A Time of Retreat

Missionary Retreat times
It’s important that missionaries take time to refocus and retreat with their families to stay healthy on the field.  We a few ways for this to happen through our yearly  Conference and Retreat for all Evangelical missionaries in serving in El Salvador, “The Gathering“.  In addition to providing two missionary homes for our missionaries to use free of charge throughout the year in a safe environment. The two missionary guest homes are located in El Zonte on the west side of the country and Punta Mango on the east side.

Ministry Development
Support in strategic planning, Ministry council, partner support, financial planning, mediation with co-laborers or sending churches, and re-entry support.




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